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Newsletter No. 69 (January 2017)

"Adventures in Asia" in new National Library online magazine

Andrew Gosling

The December 2016 issue of the National Library of Australia's new online magazine, "Unbound",, features three articles on the theme "Adventures in Asia". Darren Swanson's "A Welshman adrift in East Asia" outlines the life of Captain David Henry James, resident in pre-World War II Japan. James was a war correspondent, including during the Russo-Japanese War; a gold prospector, soldier and author. Dr Stuart Braga's "Jack Braga: the man and his collection" marks 50 years since the Braga Collection on the Portuguese in East Asia was acquired by the National Library. J.M. (Jack) Braga (1897-1988), who lived in Hong Kong and Macau, recorded and collected the Portuguese history of Macau, as well as Hong Kong, China and Japan. Andrew Gosling's "The wild Chinese tales of Sir Edmund Backhouse", briefly describes how the National Library came to own one of only four typed copies of Backhouse's highly controversial memoirs. Backhouse (1873-1944) was an eccentric British Sinologist, who spent most of his adult life in China. Andrew will be giving a lunchtime APSIG talk on the same topic at the National Library on Wednesday 29 March 2017 (exact details to be confirmed).



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