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Newsletter No. 67 (January 2016)

Report on the 9th KSAA Conference at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, 25-27 November 2015

Jung-Sim Kim

Monash University Library


I attended the 9th Korean Studies Association of Australasia at the University of South Australia, Adelaide, 25-27 November 2015. I organised a library information room (so-called Drop-in session) on one day of the conference.


Altogether 12 people dropped-in; 5 academics, 1 researcher, 5 PhD students, and 1 librarian.

Among academic libraries in Australia, the ANU library and Monash University Library subscribe to Korean studies databases. Most databases are only for institutions ID holders but some Korean studies databases are also for walk-in users.

This session provided information to support researchers and promote Korean collections in Australia on Korean databases at Monash University, ANU, and the National Library of Australia where most Korean studies databases are located in Australia.

Researchers from other universities than Monash University and ANU do not have easy access to Korean studies databases. How can these researchers find Korean studies articles related their research? There are two options:

If researchers are near the ANU Menzies Library or Monash University Library, they can visit these libraries to use Korean databases as walk-in users.

If researchers know the citations for which they would like to get full-texts, they can acquire the texts via document delivery (when document delivery is allowed with the database).

Most of attendees spent almost 30 minutes to get information from my ppt presentation and to search Korean databases. I think they gained from learning how to find and obtain resources for their research.

Topics were on history and literature, Asian studies, Korean history, Women in North Korea, Ageing studies, Korean society and culture, Korean history and art, Art history (Korean background artists in overseas) and Korean studies general.

The final day, I gave a short talk to a school teachers’ round table session on how to find Korean resources.

Overall, the KSAA conference gave me new contacts as well as up-to-date information about Korean studies research, researchers and Korean resources.

My special thanks go to Monash University Library as well as everyone involved in setting up the “Library/Database Research skills information room”, especially Professor You-il Lee, KSAA President, and Mr. Allen Yin who provide the tutorial room for one day and the chair of the “School Teachers’ Roundtable” for giving me a chance to talk them about finding Korean resources. Also thanks to those people who dropped-in the “Library/Database Research skills Information room” and gave me their research interests.



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