Newsletter No. 65 (January 2015)

New electronic resources at Menzies Library
at the Australian National University

Friederike Schimmelpfennig

Information Access Coordinator (China/Japan/Korea)
The Australian National University

University Library

The latest addition to a very fine collection of digitised primary resources on early Western-Chinese contacts published by Adam Matthews found its way to the Menzies collection of electronic resources, part 4 "Trade and Cultural Exchange" of China, America and the Pacific. The digital collection is now completely held at ANU. This part shows in a variety of documents, paintings, photographs, images, maps, and many other documents the early trade relations with China, beginning with about 1780s until the early 20th century, depicted using much private correspondence, logbooks, diaries, invoice and accounting books. Not only trade relations are covered but also the legislation on that trade, regulations and policies for the diplomatic services, and the immigration of Chinese into the US.

Many documents are digitised travel diaries, like the travel diary by Thomas H. Perkins kept 22/03/ - 10/09/1789 on his trip on the merchant ship Astrea to Guangzhou, where he describes hunting birds, sharks, and dolphins, the weather conditions, gives the according navigation data, describes his explorations while stopping for wood and water, and the daily activities and rituals aboard ship:

China, America and the Pacific - Adam Matthew Digital - diary

Other major electronic acquisitions: Other major acquisitions include the Historical Atlas of Northeast Asia, 1590-2010, and the Brill Asian Studies eBook Collection for the years 2013 and 2014. The Brill Asian Studies eBook Collection covers the regions of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, and the subjects of history, archaeology, sociology, anthropology, religion, philosophy, and languages. It represents the print publications of Brill in these areas.

The electronic collections are all accessible via the ANU catalogue for ANU staff and students.



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