Newsletter No. 65 (January 2015)

Historical Chinese-Australian newspapers
now available through Trove

Alex Philp

Overseas Collections Management,
National Library of Australia

Three Australian bilingual Chinese / English newspapers have been digitised and are now available through Trove (http://www.trove.nla.gov.au). The three titles are Guang yi hua bao (Chinese Australian Herald; 1894-1923); Meilibin bu ai guo bao, (Chinese Times; Melbourne, Vic., 1902-1922); and The Chinese Advertiser and The English and Chinese Advertiser (1856).

The newspapers are a rich resource for researchers interested in the history of Chinese migration to Australia and there are over 21,000 pages available across the three titles. An excerpt from the front page of The Chinese Times claims "An important feature is the inclusion of topics that will guide the Oriental readers to a better understanding of Western ways, thought and civilization".

chinese-times Like with the other newspapers delivered through Trove, the text of the articles is fully searchable and available for text correction by Trove users. Trove now provides access to over 15 million pages of digitised newspapers.

The National Library of Australia digitises newspapers that reflect the entire Australian community and its newspaper publishing output. The digitised Chinese titles are in addition to other community language newspapers which have already been digitised and are available through Trove. These are: the Italian Il Giornale Italiano (1932-1940), the German newspapers, Suedaustralische Zeitung/Südaustralische Zeitung (1850-1851), Süd-Australische Zeitung (1860-1874) and the Adelaider Deutsche Zeitung (1851 and 1860-1862), and the Estonian Meie Kodu (1949-1954).

Readers can refine their search results and enrich the newspaper content through subject tagging, text correction and annotations. People with Chinese language skills are particularly encouraged to participate in text-correction of these Chinese language newspapers



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