Newsletter No. 61 (January 2013)

News from the East Asian Collection, the University of Melbourne Library

Bick-har Yeung

The University of Melbourne

The Cultural Treasure Festival 2012
The Cultural Treasure Festival 2012, the University of Melbourne held over the weekend on 28 and 29 July 2012 provided an opportunity for the East Asian Collection to showcase its rare and special collection in the Baillieu Library. On display were reproduction of scroll Chinese painting圓明園四十景圖 [The Forty scenes of Garden of Perfect Brightness] and scroll calligraphy唐孫過庭書譜 [Treaties on calligraphy], rare Chinese and Japanese items chosen from the special collection, as well as the Thomas Chong Collection.

Display item: A postcard of two Japanese princesses sewing clothing and bedding
from old kimonos for donation to the survivors of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Library of Congress Classification

The Harvard Yen-ching classification adopted by the East Asian Collection for half of a century was no longer in use since June 2012. New book catalogued after June 2012 is adopting the Library of Congress Classification system. Retrospective relabelling of the Harvard Yen-ching call numbers to LC numbers for the Reference books and folios collection is in progress.

Relocation of the East Asian Collection

The East Asian Collection has been relocated from its previous location (3rd floor) Baillieu Library to Level 2, the East Resource Center since last December. The new location is a share space between the East Asian Collection and the Architecture Library. It is close to our major clients, the Asia Institute and the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.

The East Asian Collection, Level 2, East Resource Center, the University of Melbourne.

A New Online Chat Service

A New online chat service, run by the East Asian team has recently been introduced to support East Asian studies research and teaching at the University of Melbourne. The service is currently on trial via the following libguide:


The service will go live with effect from 26 February 2012, 2-4 pm Monday to Friday during semesters.

New e-resources:

  • ACI (Academinc citation index)
  • ART databbase: Taiwan and China art華藝世界美術資料庫
    Chinese electronic theses and dissertations service : humanities and social sciences.
  • Chinese Recorder Index: a guide to Christian missions in Asia 1867-1941 –  教務檔雜誌
  • TEPS (Taiwan Electronic Periodical Service): Humanities and Social Sciences (Social Sciences is new)
  • AiritiBooks 華藝中文電子書: 250+ new titles added.

Asian Studies subscription databases (http://alim.monash.org/subscribed-asian-studies-dbs.xls)

Conducted by Asian Libraries in Australia, this web site provides a list of Asian Studies databases subscribed to by Australian research libraries. Any update to this database, please email Bick-har Yeung (bhy at unimelb.edu.au).



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