Newsletter No. 61 (January 2013)

Japan Art Directory in Australia (JAD) has been revised and available on-line now

Hifofumi Yada

Japan Foundation Sydney

The Japan Foundation Sydney relaunched the Japan Art Directory in Australia (JAD); an online reference site introducing Australia-based artists, performers and critics in the area of Japanese art forms as well as organisations of Japanese cultural activities. This is an enlarged and updated version of the directory which was previously published with a 64-page booklet in 1997, and the listing of the booklet became available on-line in 2004. With the latest revision, JAD currently lists almost 120 profiles and each page contains a brief biography of the featured individual/group, photos of the artworks/performances, and the contact details. There are three indexes (Name, Location by state and Art genre) provided with which to find a profile, or you can simply search using keywords in the search box located at the top right corner of the site.

You can find the directory at: http://jad.jpf-sydney.org/ 

We are also accepting applications to be a part of JAD on a continuous basis. Applications can be submitted at:


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