Newsletter No. 61 (January 2013)

Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Ayako Hatta

Asian Studies Research Collection
Monash University



Happy Lunar New Year 2013, and welcome to the 61st EALRGA Newsletter!  I am writing this message from our Asian Studies Research Collection's (ASRC) office, lower ground level (we have a very nice bamboo view here) in Sir Louis Matheson Library, Monash University at Clayton campus in Victoria. We have just completed our Lunar New Year's decoration in our ASRC service point.  The decorations have certainly brightened up our office and the Collections and are welcoming all new/continuing students to start this New Year of the Snake. The Snake is keen and cunning, quite intelligent and wise. This year will be a perfect year ahead for all the librarians/resource and information specialists!

Looking back on our past few months, we have received very interesting reports and activities around. Anita Dewi (Monash University) gives us the details of the successful event connecting researchers and the library collections.  Andrew Gosling introduces us significant resources of France's First Embassy to the Thais held at the National Library of Australia.  Kevin Wong Hoy has got an interesting story about the Chinese Australia venture of the first sugar produced in the Cairns, North Queensland.

Kyu-won (Luke) Hwang (University of Auckland) gives us a very detailed report on his trip to the 3rd Workshop for Overseas Korean Studies Librarians held in Korea.  And Jung-Sim Kim (Monash University) also reports on her trip to Overseas Koreanology Librarian Workshop and other Korean Studies meetings.

Hirofumi Yada from Japan Foundation Sydney announces the revised and online availability of Japan Art Directory in Australia.  Darrell Dorrington and Toshio Takagi of ANU provide a detailed report of their recent acquisitions in the fields of China and Japan. Bick-Har from University of Melbourne has big news of the relocation of the East Asian Collection and the change of their classification system.

We also have two exciting new publications just released at the end of 2012 from the Japanese lecturers at Monash University,  Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou and Jeremy Breaden.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michelle Hall being elected on the position of library representative on the ASAA executive council, and her continuing support to the EALRGA Newsletter.

I hope that you will enjoy this issue.  The next EALRGA Newsletter is No.62 and it will be published in July 2013. Please send your latest collection news, conference papers and reports, and other news to me by the end of June 2013.

Warmest wishes, 
Ayako Hatta

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