Newsletter No. 61 (January 2013)

Significant East Asian acquisitionf for the ANU

Report by Darrell Dorrington (China/Korea) and Toshio Takagi (Japan)



Title: 光明日报Guangming Daily archive 1949-2010
Publisher: Green Apple
Format: Online

Title: 四部备要全文检索软件 [Sibubeiyao full-text retrieval system]
Publisher: Unihan
Format: Online

Title: 四部丛刊全文检索软件 (Sibucongkan full-text retrieval system - conversion from stand-alone version)
Publisher: Unihan
Format: Online

Title: 中国历代石刻史料汇编全文检索版 [China historical epigraphic texts collection full-text retrieval system]
Publisher: Unihan
Format: Online

Title: 十通全文检索版 [Shitong full-text retrieval system]
Publisher: Unihan
Format: Online

伪满洲国地方政府公报汇编[Collected Manchuguo local government publications] 线装书局Print (48 vols)
Beijing: Xianzhuang Shuju [via Zhenben]       Print (48 vols)

Title: Hsing Hsien Jih Pao (Sing Sian Yit Pao) (1950-1956)
Place of publication: Bangkok, Thailand
Format: Microfilm (32 reels)

Bangkok Chinese newspaper clippings (1952-1955)
 - George William Skinner, China scholar (Cornell's East Asia Program) Ithaca, N.Y. : Photo Science Studios, 1959      Microfilm (27 reels @ 35 mm)

Bangkok Thai & Chinese Press (1965 - 1971)  Bangkok, Thailand       Microfilm (13 reels)

China and Protestant Missions (IDC microfilm set)
A collection of their earliest missionary works in Chinese.
Number of titles 708
Number of microfiches     1,752
Books, periodicals, almanacs, Christian literature, catechisms, apologetics, hymn books, prayer books, biographies, and dictionaries relating to Protestant missionary work in China and covering such subjects as the history of the Christian Church as well as Western history, geography, science, and technology in general. Collection contains mostly 19th-century books in Chinese, authored and published by Protestant missions in China.

Qing Dynasty Xinjiang Manchu Document Collection 清代新疆满文档案汇编
广西师范大学, 2012. Print (280 vols.)
The Qing Dynasty, itself of Manchu origin, created a bilingual bureaucracy in Manchu and Chinese, and has left behind large archives containing documents in both languages. For a long time, study of the Manchu archive was neglected on the assumption that Manchu documents were consistently accompanied by Chinese translations. In 1999 the First Historical Archives of Beijing (第一历史档案) published a catalogue of its collection of Manchu language memorials (i.e. reports to the emperor from the field) pertaining to the Qing frontier, i.e. Manchuria, Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet (清代边疆满文档案目录). This twelve volume catalogue established once and for all that the Manchu language archive in Beijing contains a great deal of historical material that was never translated into Chinese, particularly for the high Qing period (18th century). This and similar findings has led to a revival of the study of Manchu among historians of modern China. The study of Manchu documents is now being given institutional support in China too, with the opening of a new research centre at People's University in Beijing. For research relating to the history of the Chinese frontier, and to Qing China's relations with its Eurasian neighbours, the exploration of such Manchu sources is seen as essential to the field's future development. Given this, scholars are now eagerly awaiting the forthcoming publication of the full set of Manchu-language documents on Xinjiang kept at the First Historical Archives. This publication, consisting of 280 volumes of documents in facsimile form, is scheduled for the end of 2012, and will dramatically change the way research is conducted on Xinjiang and the Qing. This collection will undoubtedly be seen as one of the most important publications in Qing history for many years to come. For this reason, it highly desirable that at least one institution in Australia acquire these books.

The Edited and Translated Manchu Correspondence of the Qianlong Reign (乾隆朝滿文寄信檔譯編) consists of a large collection of documents from the archives of the Qing court, recording outgoing correspondence and decrees addressed by the Qianlong Emperor to neighbouring states. The period covered is the Qianlong reign (1735-1795), the period of Qing China's greatest territorial expansion and most active communication with the polities of East, South, and Central Asia. The original Manchu documents are published with accompanying Chinese translations made by scholars of the No. 1 Historical Archives, making it accessible to scholars without training in Manchu. It should therefore be of wide interest to researchers working on modern Chinese history, particularly in the fields of diplomacy and international relations.

Collection (English and Chinese) from the Laogai institute, Washington DC [劳改研究基金会]


  1. 改造 (1924 - 1944, vol. 1, no. 1 - vol. 26, no. 6)
    Kaizo Microfilm (94 reels) + 1x Index CD ROM
  2. Primary sources on the yellow peril.
    Series 1: Yellow peril collection of British novels 1895-1913 (7 vols.)
    Series 2: Collection of Historical Sources (4 vols.)
  3. The Representation of Japan in Modern East Asia, 1872-1948  (40 vols.)
  4. 植民地帝国人物叢書 満州編 Shokuminchi Teikoku Jinbutsu Sosho (Manshu hen)  (25 vols. + 1 supl.)
  5. 戦後日本学力調査資料集 Sengo Nihon Gakuryoku Chosa Shiryoshu (24 vols.)
  6. Imperial Japan and world, 1931-1945 (4 vols.)
  7. Nikkatsu 100th Anniversary (100 DVDs)

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