Newsletter No. 60 (July 2012)


East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA)

Annual General Meeting

(in conjunction with the ASAA Biennial Conference 2012)

12 July 2012 10:30am-12:00noon
Training Room 2, The Parramatta, University of Western Sydney Library


Present: Bick-har Yeung (President, EALRGA) (Chair), Rebecca Wong (Secretary, EALRGA), Darrell Dorrington (ANU), Di Ouyang (NLA)
Apologies: Renata Osborne, Wan Wong, Michelle Hall

ITEM 1   Matters arising from EALRGA 2011 Round Table Discussions at CSAA Conference

  • National Approach

Current cross-institutional approaches on acquiring information resources include:

  • Japanese databases – one subscription shared by five libraries
  • Korean databases – attached to existing Korean Foundation contract offered to U.S. libraries.

A broader strategy on national approach is currently being discussed in ASAA Librarians’ Panel.

  • Bick-har will review the existing EALRGA mailing list to identify Australian librarians to create a confidential mailing list to further explore national networks.


  • The Asian Libraries in Melbourne (ALIM) website http://alim.monash.org/ contains a summary of guides to Asia-related resources.
  • The EALRGA website – is to have a page added that collects institutional URLs on Asian Studies Resources.  Also consider adding a “What’s new” link.


  • Central Register on Chinese Resources – Major Chinese Resources wiki, a platform to exchange latest interests on major Chinese print or electronic resources and to support identifying  potential partners for joint negotiations has now been set up.  It is currently registered for access by librarians from the University of Melbourne, ANU, NLA, Monash University and Griffith University. This development will be posted in the next issue of the EALRGA newsletter to encourage wider participation.
  • EALRGA committee members who were present at the ASAA Librarians’ Panel meeting on 11 July shared concerns common to East Asian and wider Asian studies libraries.

ITEM 2      The President’s Report (Bick-har Yeung)

  • EALRGA Committee  members 

The EALRGA Committee consists of five committee members:
Bick-har Yeung, President, with effect from April 2011.
Rebecca Wong, Secretary, with effect from April 2011
Wan Wong, Treasurer, with a new term starting April 2011.
Michelle Hall, Newsletter Editor, with effect from December 2011.
Renata Osborne stepped down as President in 2011 and now serves as an ongoing committee member.

Committee members serve a two-year term.  New CJK librarians are encouraged to participate in committee activities.  More discussions on succession plans will be discussed by current and past Committee members.

  • EALRGA new web site
      • The EALRGA web site is no longer hosted by the Coombs [Department of the]  ANU. There is a new web site: http://www.ealrga.org.au/
      • The URL of EALRGA’s old web address has a redirect link to the new web site. All web content has migrated to the new address.
      • Thanks to Wan Wong who completed the new web site registration and the migration of the web content.
      • Thanks for ANU Coombs hosting the EALRGA web sites in the past years and Rebecca Wong who coordinated with ANU the EALRGA web site redirection from the Coomb server.


  • Newsletter
      • Michelle Hall picked up the role as the new EALRGA Newsletter editor with the issue beginning January 2012.
      • The forthcoming issue is August 2012. Anyone with articles or reports to be submitted are encouraged to contact Michelle.
  • EALRGA activities in 2011-2012
      • CSAA July 2012, Canberra : 
        • Round table discussions on Chinese Collections
  • NLA’s Overseas Collecting Review by Meredith Batten, Project Manager of the NLA’s Overseas Collecting Review, National Library of Australia
  • CEAL Meeting Report, 30 March 2011, Hawaii, by Darrell Dorrington, ANU Library
  • A National Approach to Chinese Electronic Resource Subscription, by Rebecca Wong, Darrell Dorrington, ANU Library
  • Establishment of a Central Register of Major Chinese Items for Consideration
        • Library Booth during the conference
        • Organised a Library panel on “Researching China with major Chinese collections in Australia”. Speakers were Bick-har Yeung, Dennis Kishere, Niv Horesh, and Di Ouyang.
        • JSAA July 2012, Melbourne – library panel and book exhibition.


  • EALRGA funding to support East Asian Activities

The EALRGA Committee has put aside a small amount of funds to support East Asian library activities. Anyone interested should refer to the EALRGA website or contact any of the EALRGA Committee members.

ITEM 3                The Treasurer’s Report (Bick-har Yeung on behalf of Wan Wong)

Term Deposit of $7,366.65 has been re-invested on 12 June 2012 at 3.25% interest, maturing 12 Oct 2012. Current account balance is $180.18 as at 30 June 2012.

The interest earned from the term deposit will be used to pay for the web-hosting fee and re-printing of the EALRGA bookmarks with the new URL in this financial year.  Remaining interest income will be made available to support East Asian library activities.

ITEM 4                Brief Report on CEAL Meeting (Rebecca Wong)

In March 2012, Rebecca Wong introduced EALRGA, explained its mission, named the committee members and explained the major players, and described EALRGA activities in the Plenary session of the Council of East Asian Libraries in Toronto, Canada.
Useful CEAL resources for Australian CJK librarians include:

  • CEAL welcomes participation of East Asian Librarians from outside North America to join the EASTLIB Listserv
  • The RDS & CJK Materials workshop wiki will be made public and announced via the Eastlib list.  It is currently for access to attendees of the RDA Workshop in March 2012 only 
  • To liaise for individual advanced access, please contact CEAL committee members directly or via the EALRGA secretary, Rebecca Wong.

A more detailed report on CEAL meetings will be published in the August 2012 issue of the EALRGA newsletter.

ITEM 5                EALRGA Activities Planning for 2013 at CSAA, JSAA, and KSAA (All)

Postgraduate workshops and Library booths are to be held at upcoming CSAA, JSAA, and KSAA conferences where practicable.  Di Ouyang (NLA) will coordinate the organization of the CSAA workshop, Michelle Hall (U. Melbourne) will coordinate the one at JSAA and Jung Sim Kim (Monash) will coordinate the one at KSAA.

ITEM 6                List of Librarians (public or semi-public) across Australia (Darrell Dorrington)

It was proposed that a list of librarians with an interest in East Asian Studies library resources and services, detailing affiliating institutions, role, and name shall be posted on the EALRGA website.  Darrell Dorrington volunteered to coordinate the compilation of this list.

The Meeting adjourned at 12.00noon



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