Newsletter No. 60 (July 2012)


Central Register for Major Chinese Resources

A wiki site to share information on major Chinese resources evaluations and acquisitions 

Rebecca Wong, Manager Menzies Library, ANU

Initiated in the EALRGA General Meeting and Round Table Discussion on Chinese Collections held in July 2011, this wiki site is established to provide a platform for librarians in Australia to:

  • exchange latest interests on major Chinese library information resources (both print and electronic)
  • share evaluations and concerns on those resources
  • indicate the library's intention in relation to their acquisitions

It is hope that this wiki site will promote information exchange and peer support on evaluation and selection of major Chinese Resources, as well as to help members identify colleagues with similar interests to enable formal or informal collaborative collection development and negotiations.

This site is opened for trial in 2012. Access to the site is limited to librarians in Australia, who have interest in developing Chinese library collections.  A number of colleagues from various libraries have registered for access to the site already.  We sincerely invite new participants to join the group.

Request for registration or any question are welcome and shall be addressed to EALRGA Secretary, Rebecca Wong at rebecca.wong@anu.edu.au.




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