Newsletter No. 59 (January 2012)

News from the East Asian Collection, the University of Melbourne Library

Ms Bick-har Yeung and Ms Michelle Hall

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne


New e-resources:

  • Chinese language databases

The Library has recently subscribed to the following Chinese language databases:
  •  China Academic Journal Full Text Database: 10 series, 1915 onwards.
  • China Major Newspaper Full Text Database: 10 series, 2000 onwards.
  • China Master and Doctoral Dissertation Database: 10 series.
  • China Yearbook Full Text Databases: 10 series.
  • China Statistical Yearbook Full Text Database: 10 series.
  • ChinaMaxx: Historical Archives of China 档案文献资料库(3000+ journals and archives of the Late Qing and Republic period )
  • PKU Law

     The following Chinese Studies LibGuide has been updated to reflect new changes:

  • Japanese language databases.

This year we began a subscription to Yomidas Rekishikan, the online database consisting of the full run of Yomiuri Newspapers. This complements the current holdings of Kikuzo Visual II (Asahi Newspaper) and JapanKnowledge.

Digitisation project for the Japanese postcard collection
The East Asian Collection obtained $780 from the 2011 Cultural Collection Grant for the digitisation of the collection of Japanese postcards which date from the early 1900s to the 1930s. It is planned that these will be incorporated into an online database (perhaps Flickr) for crowd-sourcing metadata.

Changes to the classification system in EA
From 2012 East Asian acquisitions will be catalogued using LC, instead of Harvard-Yenching which has been used since the establishment of the collection. There are issues around locating newly-catalogued items, retrospective relabelling, etc which are under discussion at this time.

Conferences and visits

  • Bick-har visited the National Library of Australia in July.
  • Bick-har attended the CSAA Conference in July and she had presented a paper on “Researching with the Cultural Revolution of China at the University of Melbourne”.
  • Bick-har, together with Dennis Kishere, Nancy Li and Di Ouyang, colleague librarians from Australian major East Asian libraries, participated the “2011 International Workshop for Professional Librarian: Sinological Resources and Services” taken place at the National Central Library, Taipei, 17-21 October 2011.
  • Bick-har visited Taiwan Historica, Taizhong, and the National Museum of Taiwan Literature in Tainan after the workshop in October.
  • Bick-har attended the “Taiwan Studies Workshop - Happiness and Sadness: Taiwan society and its emotional textures”, 8-9 December, 2011.
  • Michelle attended the Japan Specialist Workshop held at the National Diet Library in Tokyo, Japan in February 2011.
  • Michelle was on the organising committee for the 2011 JSAA conference held in July at Melbourne Law School. She also arranged a panel with Mayumi Shinozaki (NLA) and Mr Tsunehiko Okamoto from the National Diet Library in Japan. Michelle’s paper was about the workshop she attended earlier in the year.
  • Michelle gave a tour of the UoM library for representatives of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

EARLGA Participation

  • Bick-har was elected as the president of the EARLGA in March 2011. She organized and chaired the EALRGA 2011 AGM and the EALRGA Roundtable on Chinese Collection in July.
  • Bick-har continued as the editor the EALRGA Newsletter, the issue no. 58, July 2011 was the last issue under her editorship.  The editorship of EALRGA Newsletter will be handed over to Michelle Hall with effect from January 2012. http://www.ealrga.org.au/newsletter.html


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