Newsletter No. 59 (January 2012)

News from the National Library of Australia Asian Collections

Ms Mayumi Shinozaki

Japanese Unit


  1. Special projects in Asian Collections

There are two one-off projects happening at the Asian Collections at this moment as part of 20 special projects under way at the NLA.

  1. Chinese card catalogue project

4 part-time staff working for 8 months: aiming to retrospectively convert 10,000 records from the Chinese card catalogue. It was decided to in-source the project using skilled staff from inside and outside the Library. The team have found an 80% hit-rate on Worldcat and the project is making good progress.

       2) Japanese serial boxing project
Employed 7 part-time contract staff for 8 months : aiming to box loose Japanese serial issues , label the boxes and update the holding details on the OPAC. Over 10,000 boxes of serials will be made through this project.


2. Grants and fellows
Three Japan Study Grants scholars are selected as listed.
Dr. Chiaki Ajioka, Sydney studying ''Mingei Intercultural: cross-cultural interpretation of Mingei
Dr. Kumiko Kawashima, Sydney, studying 'Youth migration and social change: Japanese information and service workers in a Chinese economic development zone
Dr Miyume Tanji, Perth, with 'Bases, Islands and Communities: protecting the US-Japan Security Alliance in Okinawa and Guam'

Five Harold White Fellowships were awarded to the scholars as listed.
Dr Chi Kong Lai, Reader in Modern Chinese History, University of Queensland
The Power of Hair in Chinese Society, 1500-2010
Professor Craig Reynolds, Adjunct Professor, School of Culture, History & Language, College of Asia & the Pacific, Australian National University
Policing and the Power of Thai Amulets
Dr Andrew Selth, Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University
Burma's Police Forces
Dr Gary Hickey, Research Fellow, University of Queensland; Research Fellow, University of Melbourne; Visiting Research Scholar, International Research Centre for Japanese Studies.
The Clough collection of Japanese prints in the NLA (funded by the Harold S Williams Trust)
 Professor Ellis Krauss, Professor, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California.
Prime Ministerial Leadership in Post-War Japan (funded by the Harold S Williams Trust)
(Prof. Ellis Kauss later withdrew his acceptance of the fellowship because of personal reasons)


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