Newsletter No. 59 (January 2012)

News from the Asian Studies Research Collection, Monash University

Ms Ayako Hatta

Japanese Studies Librarian

Special collection projects
A large retro-cataloguing project to upgrade minimarc records of the 2000 odd titles in the Balai Pustaka collection has been completed. The collection has also been conserved with archival quality card and plastic bags.

The Japanese Music archive is merging into Japanese collection including books, scores (gagaku, koto, shakuhachi, shamisen etc.), audio recordings (cassettes, CDs, records) and audio-visual recordings (videos, laser discs).

A project to digitise the covers of the large collection of Thai popular music records (LPs, singles, 78s) has nearly been completed.

Digitisation projects
A selection of materials from the Norodom Sihanouk Archival Collection, the David Chandler Cambodia Collection, the Noel Deschamps Cambodia collection and the William and Sara Thomas Collection (of photographs taken at the 1960 funeral of King Norodom Sihanouk’s father) have been digitised.  Documents, manuscripts and photographs are now online in the Monash e-repository, ARROW. A selection of digitised videos will also be available online when technology issues are sorted.

Staff from the University’s Sir Louis Matheson Library have been recognised for their hard work and dedication in cataloguing the Norodom Sihanouk Archival Collection.
The team received commemorative medals and letters of thanks from Ambassador Julio Jeldres, the former private secretary to the King and current PhD candidate in the University’s Monash Asia Institute. Ambassador Jeldres facilitated the original donation of the collection.  The Norodom Sihanouk Archival Collection contains books and journals (including some written by the King); documents; correspondence and photographs relating to his political activities; more than 300 visual documents on film, video and DVD; film scripts; photographs and documents relating to the King’s own film-making activities; and sound recordings and published music scores of compositions and songs by the King.

Metadata descriptions for the digitised Tracts of Islam (a bound collection of late 19th century missionary pamphlets in Bengali and English) have been completed with the assistance of Dennis Walker, Monash Asia Institute.

Balai Pustaka event
The Balai Pustaka collection was ‘re-launched’ on September 22 at an event to mark the completion of cataloguing and conservation of the collection and to promote the collection. The event was a collaboration between ASRC and the Centre of Southeast Asian Studies and included presentations by 5 Indonesian literature specialists (Professors Harry Aveling, Barbara Hatley and Stuart Robson and Drs Keith Foulcher and Paul Tickell), who talked about various aspects of Balai Pustaka and the Library’s collection. Three of the speakers came from interstate, and the Library covered airfares for one of the speakers. The talks were made available at the event as a small publication, or ‘memento’. The over 60 attendees included Monash academics and students and members and associates of the Indonesian community and other universities. 2 displays of items from the Balai Pustaka collection were prepared for this special event.

Donations in 2011 included:

  • Over 2000 Chinese books and DVDs donated by Hanban, the cultural arm of the Chinese Ministry of Education.
  • A collection of photographs taken in Cambodia at the 1960 funeral of King Norodom Sihanouk’s father, Kirn Suramarit, donated by Elizabeth Thomas on behalf of her father, Bill Thomas
  • A collection of 16mm films, videos and cassettes from the collection of Myra Roper and Muriel Crabtree, courtesy of Alan Black.
  • 5 boxes of materials from the Korea Foundation
  • Books, journals and dvds from the National Library of Korea, National Assembly Library of Korea, National Archives of Korea and Pusan National University Library.



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