Newsletter No. 58 (July 2011)

A Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne




It is my great pleasure to present you issue no. 58 of the EALRGA Newsletter. As usual, in this issue there are a number of articles on collections and electronic resources, and reports on attending conferences and related activities.

In April this year at the EALRGA Committee Meeting taken place in Canberra, Ms Susan Prentice had stepped down as the committee member. Ms Renata Osborne had stepped down as the president and has taken up the vice-president of EALRGA. Ms Wan Wong is staying on the Committee as the treasurer.  I was elected as the president of the EALRGA and Ms Rebecca Wong was elected as the secretary.  Ms Michelle Hall will be taking up the role of EALRGA Newsletter editor beginning with the issue no. 59 January 2012. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Renata, Susan and previous EALRGA Committee members who had run EALRGA successfully in the past.

I am pleased to announce that the EALRGA is providing modest financial support to individuals or organisations involved in conferences or activities related to East Asian librarianship. Please read the information for applicants and use the form from the EALRGA web site. Applications close on 30 April each year.

In July the EALRGA had organised an open EALRGA meeting, following by the Round Table Discussions on Chinese Collections.  Minutes and notes of the meeting and the round table discussions are available in this Newsletter. In addition, EALRGA had organised a library booth at the CSAA Conference, providing a spot for Chinese studies scholars to talk to librarians at the booth on library resources and services.  I am greatly in depth to colleagues who had participated the above-mentioned events, in particular Meredith Batten, Darrell Dorrington, Amelia McKenzie, Wan Wong, Rebecca Wong and colleague libraraians who had provided their tremendous assistance.

The issue no. 58 turns to be the last issue of EALRGA Newsletter which I am the editor. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading it. It is my priviledge to have the opportunity to work with you. I am passing the coming issue 59, January 2012 EALRGA Newsletter in Michelle’s capable hands. Her email is: hall@unimelb.edu.au. The deadline will be 20 December 2011. Below provides the guidelines for submitting articles to the Newsletter.

Document format: MSWord or html format.

Article length: Currently no limit. Long articles prefer in html format.

Reference style: Chicago 15th A. Use Endnotes instead of footnotes.

Language: Preferable in English. Articles in CJK languages will also be welcome.

Images are most welcome.

Bick-har Yeung
President and Editor



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