Newsletter No. 57 (January 2011)

News from the East Asian Collection, the University of Melbourne Library

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne


Cultural Treasures Day, Sunday 14 November 2010
The University of Melbourne holds more than 30 rare and special collections across campuses. The Cultural Treasures Day has become a biannual event and it was scheduled on 14 November 2010. Bick-har Yeung and Michelle Hall put together a display of rare and unusual items from the East Asian Collection, including several oriental-bound books and colourfully illustrated posters, prints and stone rubbings.

Caption: New year print from the Yangjiabu. No date.
Photo: Bick-har Yeung

Conferences and workshop
Bick-har Yeung attended the Taiwan Studies Postgraduate Symposium, 7-8 December and the Taiwan Studies International Conference, 9-10 December. These two events were coordinating with the Taiwan Week held at the University of Melbourne. Bick-har was the program co-ordinator of the Taiwan Studies Postgraduate Symposium which attracted nearly 30 young scholars from 13 local and international institutions addressing research results in a broad range of themes on Taiwan Studies including politics, history, culture and space. There was a workshop designed to assist postgraduates to obtain practical research skills. More information on the Taiwan Studies Postgraduate Symposium can be obtained from the following link: http://www.asiainstitute.unimelb.edu.au/events/2010/taiwan_studies_postgraduate_symposium/index.php

Staff News

  • Congratulations to Michelle Hall who has been chosen as one of ten participants in the Japan Specialist Workshop: Access to the Culture and the Society of Contemporary Japan, 2011 to be held in Tokyo in February 2011. More information about this workshop can be obtained from the following link: http://www.i-house.or.jp/en/library/activities.htm

  • Congratulations again to Michelle Hall, her paper entitled "Collaboration and co-operation in Asian library resource collections: An example from Melbourne, Australia" was published  in Library Management, Vol. 32 Iss: 1/2, pp.98 – 110. An abstract of the article can be viewed from the following link: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=1901417&show=abstract&

Library visits
Bick-har Yeung visited the University of Hong Kong, National Taiwan University and National Taiwan Normal University libraries during her vacation in Hong Kong and Taiwan during October and November 2010. Her report on library visits is available from the current issue of EALRGA Newsletter.

New acquisition highlights

  • More than 300 titles of Chinese ebooks on Taiwan Studies purchasing from Airiti.
  • New Year prints in the 70s.
  • Statistical sources published during 1950s, in particular the Great Leap Forward Period.
  • Diaries and working diaries written during the Cultural revolution, China [manuscripts].
  • Children and pictorial books published during the Cultural Revolution, China.

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