Newsletter No. 57 (January 2011)

Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne


Dear EARLGA colleagues and readers,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the issue no. 57 of the EALRGA Newsletter! 

This issue offers a range of articles, interesting reports on conferences and library visits, and news from library collections. I take this opportunity to thank everyone who had made this issue possible. I am thrilled that Ms Angela Ko had responded my call while I met her in Hong Kong by contributing a report on attending the EASL Conference in Lyon. I am delighted that Dr.Aline Scott-Maxwell had contributed an interesting report on a visit to Indonesian libraries.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this issue. The coming issue no.58 will be published in July 2011. Call for articles, reports and news for the July 2011 issue is currently open and the deadline will be 20th July. The aim of the EALRGA Newsletter is to provide a platform for fellow East Asian Librarians to share and promote resources in their collections. In the coming months, there will be a number of Asian studies related conferences held in Australia and overseas. I am looking forward to your articles and reports coming out of these conferences.

Lastly, I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Aline Scott-Maxwell who helped me in editing some of the reports.

Below provides the guidelines for submitting articles to the EALRGA Newsletter.

  1. Document format: MSWord or html format.

  2. Article length: Currently no limit.  Long articles prefer in html format.

  3. Reference style: Chicago 15th A. Use Endnotes instead of footnotes.

  4. Images are most welcome.

Bick-har Yeung


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