Newsletter No. 57 (January 2011)

Major acquisitions from the Chinese Collection, National Library of Australia

Di Pin Ouyang 歐陽迪頻

Chinese Unit, National Library of Australia


The National Library has recently acquired for its Chinese collection several large sets of primary sources:
Electronic resources:

  • Online full-text China Academics Journals (CAJ) databases nla.gov.au/nla.cat-vn3098353.

    In addition to the existing CAJ databases, NLA subscribed to the other six databases to complement the existing holdings of the CAJ databases.  As a result, NLA registered readers can offsite access to the following 10 series of CAJ databases:
    (A) Mathematics/ Physics/ Mechanics/ Astronomy  
    (B) Chemistry/ Metallurgy/ Environment/ Mine Industry  
    (C) Architecture/ Energy/ Traffic/ Electromechanics, etc  
    (D) Agriculture  
    (E) Medicine & Public Health  
    (F) Literature/ History/ Philosophy 
    (G) Politics/ Military Affairs/ Law 
    (H) Education & Social Sciences  
    (I) Electronic Technology & Information Science  
    (J) Economics & Management

  • Policing the Shanghai International Settlement, 1894-1945. nla.gov.au/nla.cat-vn4972747

    This database represents a large portion of the archives of the British-run municipal police force based in Shanghai's former international settlement during 1894-1945.

Multi-volume sets:

The Chinese Unit releases a list of newly acquired titles each month. These lists can be downloaded here www.nla.gov.au/asian/pub/cal/index.html. If you would like to receive the list by email every month, please contact chinese@nla.gov.au.




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