Newsletter No. 57 (January 2011)

Offsite access to electronic resources through the catalogue:
News from the National Library of Australia

Di Pin Ouyang 歐陽迪頻

Chinese Unit, National Library of Australia


Good news! Offsite access to selected electronic titles has been greatly improved! Library’s registered readers now can access the English and Chinese electronic resources from the Library’s catalogue (catalogue.nla.gov.au/ ), regardless of whether they are in the building or offsite.

The National Library of Australia has subscribed to a number of Chinese online resources to complement our print collections. Now readers can access our online resources either via the eResources portal http://www.nla.gov.au/app/eresources/ or through the relevant catalogue record.   An icon - a gold key symbol - has been added to the end of the URL link found in the full catalogue record to indicate if offsite access is available. For example below:

Click on the gold key symbol 1101_ouyang_1_2.jpg near the URL link in the full record display, you will be presented with a login screen below:


After entering your user ID and name, you will pass directly to the title.

To access a selected range of licensed electronic resources from offsite, you must be a registered reader. To register simply click on Get a Library Card from www.nla.gov.au/getalibrarycard.

Remark: A list of eResources subscribed by the National Library of Australia on Asian Studies can be obtained from the following link: http://www.nla.gov.au/app/eresources/browse/183.



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