Newsletter No. 56 (July 2010)

News from the Chinese Collection, the University of Melbourne Library

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Collection
The University of Melbourne


Exhibition - Expo 2010 Shanghai China
To celebrate the opening of the Shanghai Expo 2010 in May 2010, the East Asian Collection had put up a display showcasing Chinese materials and souvenirs on Shanghai Expo in the Baillieu Library. Display materials include books, posters, photos, newspaper, journal, postcards and souvenirs.
Photos: Bick-har Yeung

China National Knowledge Network 中国知网 (CNKI) Information Session, 21 July 2010

The East Asian Collection had organised for Victoria librarians an information session presented by CNKI Australia sales representatives, Ms Nancy Wang and Mr. Newman Yan on 21st July 2010 taken place at the University of Melbourne Library. During the session, Ms Nancy Wang gave an overview of CNKI’s new platform KNS55, the new features of the latest version of CAJ viewer and the China Reference Works Online. Mr. Newman Yan gave a demo on the China Statistical Yearbooks Database. Below links are the powerpoints presented in the Information Session by the courtesy of CNKI.

1. CNKI New Development
2. China Reference Works Online (CRWO)
3.  China Statistical Yearbook Database (CYSD)

The Harry Simon Collection
Recent addition to the East Asian Cultural Collection was the donation of a private Chinese language collection by Professor Emeritus Harry Felix Simon. Professor Simon, a well known linguist from London, was appointed by the University of Melbourne as the Foundation Professor of Oriental Studies in 1961. During his term in office, he had played an important role for the establishment of the Oriental Studies later changed its name to East Asian Studies, and set up the teaching of Chinese and Japanese languages in the department. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in the 1970s and also a great supporter of the East Asian Collection. He retired from the University of Melbourne in 1988.

The Harry Simon Collection includes 20 boxes of Chinese publications published between 1900s  to 1980s in the areas of Chinese literature and language, history and arts. There is an incomplete set of early 1930s primary school textbooks and has a few valuable titles of  Chinese poems and drama in oriental binding. The Harry Simon Collection was half catalogued through the sponsorship of Asian Institute and the University Annual Appeal Fund.
Left: Fu xing guo yu jiao ke shu : Chu xiao di 3 ce = 復興國語教科書 : 初小第三冊. 1933.
Right: Ba wang bi ji = 霸王逼姬. [19--].
Photos taken from the Harry Simon Collection by Bick-har Yeung

The University of Melbourne Library is using LibGuides to produce subject guides. So far there are two guides published by the East Asian Collection to support the teaching and research in Chinese Studies.

1. Chinese Studies. Offer tips on finding Chinese language resources to support research and teaching at the University of Melbourne.
2. 702-607 Architectural Design. This guide provides an overview of key Chinese language resources for students enrolled in 702-607 Architectural Design.

New acquisitions

This year the allocation for the Chinese Collection has an increase of 60%. There are also increasing support from other faculties to acquire Chinese language materials. The East Asian collection has been fortunate enough making use the additional funding to build collection gaps in the following areas: local gazetteers of Southwest China, women and marriage materials published during 1920-1960, statistical data in the 50s and 60s, especially the famine period, children books and pictorials published during the Cultural Revolution, ancient folk songs of ethnic groups, intangible heritage and national heritage sites of China. In additional to printed resources, there was an addition of 1000+ Chinese ebooks to the collection purchased from Apabi via DA.

Last year the Library had purchased the KMT Historial Archives from Airiti, Taiwan. The collection contained more than 1000 reels of microfilm. We have so far received more than 500 reels. The University of Melbourne Library is the only Library holding these valuable resources for researching KMT.

Bick-har Yeung
East Asian Librarian
The University of Melbourne Library



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