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Bick-har Yeung

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Article publication
An article entitled "R. F. Price Collection" by Bick-har Yeung was published in the November issue, 2009 of the University of Melbourne Collections, a twice-yearly magazine, published by the Cultural Collections Group and the Publications Team at the University of Melbourne Library. The R.F. Price Collection in the East Asian Rare Book Collection at the University of Melbourne Library is a collection of Chinese books published from the 1960s to 1980s with strong focus on school textbooks, children books and books associated with education in China. It was donated to the University by Dr. R.F. Price in July 2007.

Staff activities
Bick-har Yeung was invited to give a presentation and demo on " Resources for researching Taiwan" at the inaugural meeting of the Taiwan Research Reading Group at the University of Melbourne in September 2009.

Major acquisitions

Guo jia tu shu guan cang jin dai tong ji zi liao cong kan (國家圖書館藏近代統計資料叢刊). Beijing : Beijing tu shu guan chu ban she, [2007], 69 vols.

KMT microfilm for modern Chinese history. Taipei, Taiwan : Airiti, Inc., 1051 microfilm reels. KMT permanent Hall has made a collection of modern Chinese historical data dated from 1890 to 1980. It stored more than 3 million historically original pieces of scripts from the past local government communiqué, newspapers, KMT association periodicals and the documentary of letters, scripts, meeting minutes, speech drafts, contracts, etc. Topics are covering from politics, diplomacy, military affairs, interior affair and economics. It is the main source for those who are interested in researching modern politics and economical development of Taiwan and China around the world. [ Information: Ariti]

Shen bao suo yin, 1919-1949. (申报索引, 1919-1949 ). Shanghai : Shanghai shu dian chu ban she, 2008. 30 vols.

Showa no Yomiuri Shinbun : Sengo 3. (昭和の讀賣新聞. 戦後. 3). Tokyo : Yomiuri Shinbun, 2009. 16 DVDs.

Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu, 2nd edition 中国大百科全书 (第二版). Zhongguo da bai ke quan shu chu ban she. 2009. 32 vols.

Zhongguo shu fa quan ji (中国法帖全集). Hubei mei shu chu ban she, 2002. 17 vols.

Zhongguo jia pu zong mu (中国家谱总目). Shanghai : Shanghai gu ji chu ban she, 2008. 10 vols.

Zhong yan yuan li shi yu yan yan jiu suo ji kan lun wen lei bian (中研院历史语言研究所集刊论文类编). Beijing : Zhong hua shu ju, 2009. 50 vols.

The East Asian has been undertaking a restrospective cataloguing project to catalogue Chinese books kept at Library Store. The following series were catalogued during the past few months: Si ku quan shu zhen ben, 1-12 ji (四庫全書珍本, 初集至十二集).

Chinese Studies Postgraduate Conference 2009


Chinese Studies Postgraduate Conference 2009. Speaker: Professor Michael Weber. ( Photo: Bick-har Yeung)

The Chinese Studies Research Group (CSRG) at the University of Melbourne had organised a one-day Chinese Studies Postgraduate Conference on 9 October 2009. The Conferece consisted of two sessions: seminar and workshop. The theme of the seminar was "Space and Society". Professor Michael Webber, from School of Resource Management & Geography at the University of Melbourne was invited to present a paper entitled Making Capitalism in China. There were a number of useful presentation in the afternoon workshop session. Presentations covered Pubishing journal articles, Bibliometrics : analysis of publication and citation data, and Attending Conferences. All presentations were filmed. For details of the Chinese Studies Postgraduate Conference, please visit it's web site at http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/collections/asian/CSRG/csrgoct2009.html.



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