Newsletter No. 55 (January 2010)

EALRGA Christmas Lunch in Canberra



Canberra-based East Asian librarians and friends gathered for their annual EALRGA Christmas Lunch at a favourite Chinese restaurant on 10 December 2009.   Christmas Lunch has been a regular EALRGA event in Canberra for many years.

As usual, this was a very enjoyable occasion at which colleagues from the National Library of Australia and the Australian National University Library met over good food, wine and plenty of seasonal cheer.  Although our two institutions are situated only 1.7 kilometres apart, opportunities for the whole group to meet, informally, are rare.   It was also a delight to catch up with former colleagues and friends, especially Enid Gibson, Andrew Gosling and Susan MacDougall who have been members of the EALRGA Committee from the beginning.


EALRGA Christmas lunch on 10 December 2009 from left to right Susan MacDougall, Renata Osborne, Darrell Dorrington, Hua-Jun Ni, Rebecca Wong, Wan Wong, Richard Chan, Enid Bishop, Ian MacDougall, Toshio Takagi    (Photo: Hongli Jia)


EALRGA Christmas lunch on 10 December 2009 from left to right  Hongli Jia, Yumiko Clifton, Jung-ok Park [she was hidden by Yumiko], Anya Dettman, Shirley Johns, Di Ouyang, Xiaozhen Huang, Ching Sun, Moko Eade, Young Sook Seo, Andrew Gosling (Photo: Hongli Jia)
(Susan Prentice also attended the lunch but had left before the photo was taken. Bick-har Yeung and Michelle Hall are based in Melbourne and unfortunately were not at the Lunch.  We will see if we can all get together next year!)

East Asian librarianship in Canberra is alive and well judging by the large turn-out at the Christmas Lunch.  The Group toasted the New Year and Renata Osborne thanked everyone at the lunch for supporting EALRGA, and thanked EALRGA Committee members (Wan Wong, Susan Prentice and Michelle Hall) for their commitment and in particular thanked Bick-har Yeung for her excellent and much appreciated work in her first year as Editor of the EALRGA Newsletter.   

Renata Osborne
EALRGA President.


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