Newsletter No. 54 (July 2009)

A Message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor

Bick-har Yeung

East Asian Librarian
The University of Melbourne Library

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our No. 54, July 2009 issue of the EALRGA Newsletter. This issue has been filled with articles, conference papers, conferences reports and news with focus on Australian East Asian collections and services. For the first time the Newsletter I have included “Upcoming Conferences and Workshops” to provide event information on East Asian studies and libraries in Australia and overseas.

As the new editor, I am following the footsteps of Wan Wang and Susan MacDougall who were the EALRGA Newsletter editors over many years. I hope that the Newsletter will continue to be informative to members and readers.

I am pleased to report that back issues of the Newsletter from issue 29 (1995) onwards are available online from http://www.ealrga.org.au/newsletter.html. My sincere thanks to Wan and Susan who put in extra effort to archive the printed newsletter back issues in electronic format. Their contribution has been much appreciated.

EALRGA Newsletter is a web publication published twice per year. The coming issue will be published in January 2010. Call for articles, reports and news for the January 2010 issues is currently open and the deadline will be 20th December 2009.

EALGRA Committee does not have “Guidelines for Submitting Articles to the EALRGA Newsletter”. However, I would suggest that the following brief guidelines should be adopted with effect from the January 2010 issue:

  1. Document format: MSWord or html format.
  2. Article length: Currently no limit.  Long articles prefer in html format.
  3. Reference style: Chicago 15th A. Use Endnotes instead of footnotes.
  4. Images are most welcome.

The success of the EALRGA Newsletter will depend on your support. I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Bick-har Yeung


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