Newsletter No. 51 (July 2007)


Bick-har Yeung, East Asian Librarian &
Michelle Hall, Japanese Librarian

New Additions to the Collection

  1. Yomiuri Shinbun 讀賣 新聞. (Newspaper (1961-1970) on DVD [on order]. We have already obtained all the previous sets (on CD) from the first one in 1874.
  2. Zhonggo guan cang man tie zi liao lian he mu lu. 中囯馆藏满铁资料联合目录. = Combined catalog for SMR Materials in China. 30 volumes
  3. Quan guo bao kan suo yin shu ju ku 1920-1949 全国报刊索引数据库 1920-1949(Web version 1,320,000 entries) = [National Index to Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals 1920-1949]. We have already the web version of the following CDs: 1857-1919, 1920-1949 (2006 edition which contains 818840 entries), 1950-1979 and 1980-1992. (on order)
  4. 2004 Zhongguo pu cha nian jian. 2004 中国人口普查年鉴 = [2004 China Economic census yearbook]. 32 volumes. (on order)
  5. Man tie diao chao bao gao, di 1, 2 ji. 满铁调查报告. 第1, 2 集 = [Survey report of Manchuria Railway. Series 1 and 2]. 48 volumes. (on order)
  6. Zhongguo Jiu hai guan yu jin dai she hui sheng huo tu shi. 中国旧海关与近代社会生活图史 = [ Custom of China and photo collections of modern societies of China]. 10 volumes. This set is a supplementary copy of the Zhongguo jiu hai guan shi liao 中国旧海关史料 (History source of Custom of China) in 170 volumes held by the East Asian Collection. (on order)

Database trial

  1. CNKI databases 中国知网
    1.1 Chinese Academic Journal full text database Series C : Architecture and Engineering 中国学术期刊网:建筑及工程类

    1.2 China Yearbook full text database 中国年鉴全文数据库

    1.3 China Doctor/Master Dissertations Full-text Database (CDMD) 中国优秀博硕士学位论文全文数据库

  2. Airiti Full text databases
2.1 Chinese Electronic Periodical Services (CEPS)http://www.airiti.com/ceps

2.2 Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services (TEPS)http://www.taiwanclassic.com/teps/ec/

2.3 National Palace Museum Online (NPM Online)http://www.airiti.com/npmoln

2.4 Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service (CETD)http://www.cetd.com.tw

Asian Law Conference

The Asian Law Centre at the University of Melbourne will host a one-day Symposium entitled” Legal Education in Asia” at the University of Melbourne in honour of the late Professor Malcolm DH Smith on 9 July 2007. Detailed information can be obtained from the following web site: http://www.law.unimelb.edu.au/alc/conferences/conf_2007/index.html

Chinese Studies Research Group

The Chinese Studies Research Group (CSRG) remains active during 2007. There were lunch seminars every six weeks. CSRG invited Chinese Studies postgraduates and academics across the University to present papers from their research results. A Chinese Studies Research Day was taken place on 30 March 2007. The Group is now organising another Research Day in December this year focusing on Taiwan and Hong Kong Studies. More information about CSRG can be obtained from the following web page: http://www.lib.unimelb.edu.au/collections/asian/CSRG/CSRG.html


The East Asian Collection was visited by Chia Yew Boon from Nanyang Technology University, Singapore in May. We were also visited by Prof Hirai from Kagoshima University, Japan and colleagues Dr Doi and Mr Hikaru.

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